Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

There really are no words to express our gratitude. Thank you again for going above and beyond and helping us settle into this happy life of ours. This is where we were meant to be.
Purchasing your first home is an overwhelming task but Trisha's help and expertise made it so much easier. Trisha calmly guided us through the entire process, helping us think through our options and find the house of our dreams. Trisha answered all of our questions (silly as they might have been) quickly, with expert advice and a wonderful sense of humor. We would highly recommend her to any one thinking of starting the home buying process.
Let me just start here by saying that we would not be in this house today if it wasn't for Trisha Solio. My partner and I started looking for a house in JP well over a year ago. It's not an easy time to buy and the competition is fierce out there. After losing out on more than a few seemingly "perfect" places, we were starting to feel disillusioned.
Trisha has years of experience and knows JP well. The house we are in was not even on the market when we first saw it. We walked in, fell in love, and here we are today. It was not a quick nor simple process. But Trish made it happen and guided us through it every step of the way. She is professional, knowledgeable, thorough, responsive and so warm and kind. I felt completely supported the entire time.
And just to make our lives even crazier, we decided to sell my condo a few weeks before we were closing on the house. Once again Trisha worked her magic and made a truly stressful process go as smoothly as one could expect.
Are you looking to buy or sell? Talk to Trisha. You won't regret it. She's amazing!
It's impossible to describe the gratitude I feel. Thank you Trisha!
We feel fortunate that we were able to work with you on the recent
sale of our condo in Jamaica Plain.  We relied heavily on your
extensive expertise in the Jamaica Plain market and your ability to
foresee and resolve issues well in advance of when they needed to be
We especially appreciated your high level of responsiveness and
thorough responses to all of our questions.  We felt we were in good
hands throughout the entire process, from the initial market analysis
to the sale negotiations, to the final closing.  We could not have
been happier with the result of receiving an offer for asking price
within one week of our open house.  We would recommend your services
without hesitation to anyone seeking to purchase or sell homes in the
JP market.  Thank you for everything!
We're really enjoying our new house. Thank you so much for all your help in finding it. You made house hunting a pleasant experience
I chose to work with Trisha for her knowledge of property and the neighborhood.
Kathy, Trisha & Jay - I am thrilled to be entered into the Refer Madness Sweepstakes! I have my fingers crossed and will follow through on any opportunities to increase my chances. So thank you for bringing pleasant surprise, interest, and thoughtfulness into one of my days. But of course - you are the Surrealtors! What else to expect? Hope you are well, and hope to see you soon!
I wanted to thank you both for your invaluable help with the sale of the first-floor apartment. It was a challenging market, and I know that, together with Trisha, you both worked very hard to make it possible. I was very happy with the sale - the sentiment matched only by my subsequent delight at meeting the buyers! So I'm doubly grateful to you, for selling the condo, and for selling it to great people. (Now I know why you call yourselves sur-realtors: as in, super-realtors.)
Dear Jay, This is _so_ overdue! I can't begin to thank you, Trisha and Kathy for all your efforts in helping me find the perfect home! I also appreciate the fact that you've become friends! Thank you so much!!
My partner and I worked with Trisha over a period of four months or so. She helped us both with selling my condo and with negotiations to buy a new condo. Trisha was always available for any kind of feedback, advice or consolation that we needed. She returned calls and emails quickly, and never seemed to be in a hurry, giving us all the time we needed, whenever we needed her help. And, given Trisha's many years of experience in the real estate market, she was eminently qualified to talk knowledgeably not just about marketing issues, but about the ins and outs of home inspections; financing; negotiating with sellers; and finding a good house cleaner, plumber, or painter. Her approach to all of these issues was refreshing -- being highly resourceful, she could always generate a number of options in response to any given situation. Trisha's listening skills are very keen; we always felt that she really wanted what was best for us, and was willing to take the time to ask questions and to pay close attention to our answers. Also, she really got us laughing sometimes when we were feeling a little overwhelmed by the task at hand.
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