Buying and Selling at the Same Time

A Breath-taking Piece of Choreography

Buying a home and selling a home at the same timeSelling one house and buying another is a lot like a trapeze act — hair raising and possibly disastrous when attempted by amateurs, a breath-taking piece of choreography when executed by an experienced team.



So Much To Figure Out

  • Should I sell first or buy first?
  • Should I think about keeping this house as a rental and buying another?
  • What happens if someone is ready to buy my house but I haven't found something I really like yet?
  • What if I find the perfect home, but mine is not sold yet?
  • What are the financing questions I need to get answered?
  • What about tax planning? Are there special things I should know?
  • What is a kickout clause? What is a bridge loan?
  • What if the worst case scenario comes true? Who helps me then?
  • What's my back up plan?


Every Situation Is Unique

Each experience of buying and selling at the same time is unique. No one formula is right for everyone. But there is one thing that you can do to put yourself in the best position possible. You can hire a Realtor who excels at every phase of the real estate process and who also understand your needs, your resources, and your tolerance for uncertainty.

We have answers to your questions. Let's connect and explore your situation.