Home Infinity Plan

We work really closely with you, sometimes for months, helping you buy or sell your home.  When we get to the closing, our work together ends, but our relationship doesn't. 

We want to be your realtors for life.

The Surrealtors'


Home Infinity Plan


We invite you to call us for the rest of your life (and beyond) for any real estate related question or need that you may have. We'll be glad to help.

  • When you need to know what your house is worth for refinancing or estate planning,
  • When you want to know which renovations will add the most value to your home,
  • If you would like to keep in touch with what the real estate market is doing,
  • When you need a resource or referral to a trusted professional or trades person (lawyer, lender, roofer),
  • If you hope to explore buying a vacation or second home, OR
  • When you think it might be time to sell or look for your next home,

We promise to have the answer, get the answer, or help you understand that there is no answer.


The Fine Print

HIP Hop - Need a referral for a move out of the area?
HIPster - Buy or sell five properties with us and we´ll send you to Greenwich Village for a weekend.
Be ultra-HIP - Send us your friends and family and we´ll take as good care of them as we hope we have taken of you.
HIP Replacement - Buy or sell 25 properties with us and get this or any other medical service you might require (maximum value $10,000).

*terms and conditions subject to change; call for more information