Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

I pulled off an amazing feat this summer: I bought a house in Boston while overseas having never set foot inside it until the day I signed the papers. Fortunately I had had the luck months before to run into Trisha Solio. As soon as I saw the name of her group--"The Surrealtors"-- and her purple glasses, I was in. From the very start, Trish was sending us pictures of houses that were spot on for our parameters. It was like she was psychic. She or Trevor would go over and have a look and then run down all the stuff that needed to be done. When I spotted a house  while in the UK,  my partner and cohabitant went to have a look. He instantly fell in love with it, and the price was right in our "sweet spot." The deal was complicated by the fact that the seller didn't want to use agents. But I told Trish "I can't do this without you." I explained my situation to the seller (I was in England at the time) and he agreed, so we made an offer that compensated for agent estate fees. She also went by the house and told us stuff like "it needs a new roof" and "there's some funky electrical wiring" and told us how much she thought it would cost. My partner all of the legwork, bringing in contractors for estimates and in each case, Trisha's assessments were spot on. I've worked with a few realtors over the years, and I've never seen anything like it. Trish and her team (including Trevor, who we worked with a lot) went far above and beyond the call of duty, and have amazing knowledge that allows them to quickly give you excellent advice. They also know the area really well and have a network of contractors to draw from if you need estimates on things. They are truly "house whisperers." I can't recommend them enough.

After having worked with Trisha on a sale and purchase, I have new understanding for what it takes to be a true professional realtor. We decided to look for a local listing agent and stumbled upon Trisha's profile as she sold a house down the street from us the year before. I called her up and made an appointment, it turned out to be the best decision I made in the whole process, maybe ever.

Trisha showed up with a notebook and took down careful notes after having seen every corner of the house. She was very positive but also upfront about the challenges as the property was unique in many ways. From the get go, she impressed us with her expertise of the JP area and her professionalism. We decided then that we would try to list the house again in the spring market. Almost a year later since we first met Trisha, we are happily settled into our dream house. The two sales aligned perfectly and closed on the same day. Trisha moved mountains to make this happen.  She did so with patience, professionalism and outstanding judgment.

A realtor of this caliber is hard to come by and if you are looking to buy or sell in the JP area, look no further - Trisha is the realtor for life and she makes impossible dreams come true!

6 stars. Honestly my wife and I are a little bummed that our 5 months of house hunting ended when we bought a house, because now we won't be working with Trisha any more! Trisha was there for us. She was positive, comforting, helpful, and honest. We absolutely loved working with her! I can't recommend her highly enough- she's the best.

Trisha and Kathy are outstanding!!! Trisha  was right there every step of the way with enthusiasm, support, reality checks, and calm reassurance when things seemed to be going a bit awry. She was always available through text and email and phone and ALWAYS concerned for my well being during the process. She is so experienced and knowledgeable about the markets, so personable, so caring. My friends who've used her are devoted to her as am I.  You couldn't find a better realtor and team anywhere.

Trish is THE BEST!  We've used her to both buy and sell condos in JP.  As a buyer's agent, she has a keen eye for potential issues with homes that are not readily apparent.  At one walk-through, she must have pointed out five aspects of a condo we didn't even notice.  When we ultimately found the right place for us, she helped us negotiate a good deal in a very hot market.  Importantly to us, we never felt pressured to make an offer on any place, and she was very patient with us as our search extended for weeks.  As a seller's agent, she went the extra mile to make sure our open houses went great, and we sold for a significant amount above asking price.  What more could you ask for? We highly recommend Trish and her team!

Trisha is brilliant at what she does! Recently she helped us sell our Brighton condo and buy a townhouse in Roslindale. Buying and selling at the same time is complicated enough but given the current market the timing was going to be complicated. Trisha helped us navigate the whole process and made it as easy as possible. Her attention to detail is second to none and made the buying/selling process much less stressful than it could have been.  We have recommended her and her team to a number of our friends. We highly recommend her!!

Trisha was a joy to work with during our first home purchase. When touring a unit, she asked very intuitive questions and often had seen the unit during a past sale due to her extensive experience in the market. She knows the market (and players in the market) well and always has creative ideas when thinking through how to use a space.

When it came time to put offers in, she helped ensure that ours were competitive without overpaying. She was fantastic to work with during each step of the process and we felt confident making the biggest purchase of our life with her.

I would recommend Trisha to anyone looking for a real estate agent who's intelligent, diligent, extremely knowledgeable, positive, and knows how to get s*** done. Also - she's a really happy person.  There's a lot to be said for working with someone who clearly loves their job when you're trying to purchase a home.

The best realtors anywhere! We loved working with Trisha and her team. It turns out that she gave us all the best advice. We could not have found a better Realtor anywhere. She is experienced, connected to a network of amazing resources that she shared so graciously with us! For us, it was a complicated selling that grew easier after hiring Trisha with her incredible dedication to this work and to people!

Trisha Solio is a realtor you can count on for integrity and reliability.  She has YOUR interests in mind.  When too many realtors are out first for the sale, Trisha's  first priority is her clients.  If you work with her you will not be disappointed.  She found my first condo in JP and helped me thru the mortgage process and I know she has helped many others too.  She should be your first and only stop in JP

So very grateful for you and the extraordinary care you offered through this whole process. Thank you for accomplishing the impossible.


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