Steps to Buying a Boston Area Home

10 Steps to Your New Home

  1. Find a real estate agent. Your agent is your partner in the buying process and has just one job - to make sure you get the right home for the best price.
  2. Imagine the possibilities. Be a smart consumer. Using an internet property search you can compare neighborhoods, locations, styles, and sizes of homes. What’s important to you? An extra bedroom? A quiet side street? Parking? Café life?
  3. Get a mortgage pre-approval. Your lender will help you set the price range that fits your resources. With your pre-approval in hand, you will be ready to act when you find the right house.
  4. Shop. Try on a bunch of houses. Zero in on neighborhoods, features, and price range. When you find the right home, you’ll know it.
  5. Make an offer. An offer starts a conversation with the seller. In addition to a price, it contains terms of the sale - things like inspection and mortgage contingencies, items included in the sale, closing date. A deposit accompanies the offer.
  6. Inspection. The Home Inspection Contingency protects you if the inspection finds problems with the structure or systems of the home. The inspection can also help you plan the home’s maintenance and care.
  7. Purchase and Sale Agreement. This contract is usually negotiated by your attorney & spells out all of the agreements between the buyer and the seller. An earnest money deposit is due on signing.
  8. Mortgage application and commitment. After you complete your mortgage application, your lender will appraise the property to confirm its value. The mortgage commitment letter is the lender’s agreement to loan you the funds.
  9. Pre-Move PlanningIn addition to packing, you will need to purchase homeowner’s insurance, order utility service, and prepare change of address forms.
  10. It’s yours. A final walk through assures that the house is in the agreed on condition. The closing brings all the parties together to sign the necessary papers, exchange monies, and complete the sale.


10 Reasons to Put Us to Work for You

  1. We put you first. Our job is to get you the right home for the best price. We hold your interests above everyone else’s, including our own.
  2. We know markets. Since 1986 we’ve been helping people buy and sell their homes in Greater Boston in all kinds of markets. We can help you figure out a smart strategy to make the most of this market.
  3. We listen. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and your life in the home buying process. We’ll make the time for you to explore your needs and desires and clarify what is important to you.
  4. We offer a great search. Use our internet search to explore by map, by price range, by neighborhood, by home size. Explore dozens of neighborhoods. Save your searches. And we can email you daily updates.
  5. We negotiate masterfully. We save you $$$. Our research, insight and experience result in the best price and terms for you.
  6. We know houses. We’ve taken our clients through 10,000+ homes and thousands of home inspections. We can help you spot hidden problems or find a gem in the rough. We’ll also help you determine if needed renovations and repairs fit your budget and your skill range.
  7. We keep everything on track. Our transaction management system assures that you never miss a deadline, protecting your deposits and your peace of mind.
  8. We’re ready with creative solutions. Sometimes a glitch comes up on the way to the closing. Our depth of experience means that we can foresee obstacles and resolve problems to get you into your new home.
  9. We’re your resource. Whether you need the name of a good attorney, a lender, or a home inspector, or you just want to find a fun hangout in your new neighborhood, we’ve got it.
  10. Our Home Infinity Plan. The closing is the end of this process, but it’s only the beginning of owning your home. Our Home Infinity Plan (HIP) invites you to call us for any real estate related question or need that you may have, from now until forever. We’ll be glad to help.

Congratulations on your new home!