Boston & Cambridge Condo Conversion

Multiple family home converted to condos

What Is Condominium Conversion?

Condominium conversion is the process of dividing and selling individual units in a multi-unit building. A buyer purchases a unit and shares ownership of the land and common areas with other unit owners.

When Does Condo Conversion Make Sense?

When you’re thinking about selling a multi-family building in the Boston or Cambridge area, sometimes converting to condominiums is more profitable than selling the building as a whole. Condo conversion is not the best approach for every building.

Some factors to consider include

  • the current market for the finished product
  • setting of the property
  • neighborhood
  • size and layout
  • infrastructure, condition and finishes
  • parking and amenities.


How We Can Help

With our team's 40 years combined experience, we’ve guided owners like you through the conversion process in all kinds of markets with all kinds of properties in all kinds of condition. We’ll prepare a current market analysis of your property’s value as a multi-family, as condominiums in as-is condition and as improved/renovated condominiums, so that you can make a smart decision about what's the best approach for you.

We will

  • analyze market trends for your type of property in your location
  • evaluate what renovations, upgrades, and updates are most strategic
  • specify what will enhance the value of each unit
  • create a pricing strategy for successful sale in the current market
  • prepare and execute a comprehensive marketing plan for your property
  • help assemble an effective team of architect, attorney, contractors
  • manage the complexity of getting the units closed in a way that satisfies all the lenders.


In short, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to help you make the best decisions, large and small, and achieve an outcome beyond your expectations.